Research and Planning

  • Supply and demand analysis and highest and best use analysis
    • Focus groups
    • Survey questionnaires
    • Developer representation at local hearings
  • Fiscal and economic impact studies
  • Zoning By Law: Analysis, drafting and permitting including 40B and 40R
  • Chapter 40B site eligibility applications and ZBA representation
  • Expert Witness

LDS specializes in market research, feasibility analysis and real estate planning services. The best use of our services occurs when we become involved at the idea stage — when you have a piece of land or an existing building and need to determine the highest and best use. We do not subscribe to the philosophy that “if you build it, they will come.” Instead, we provide a custom study for your property and your needs in order to create or support a real estate product that will succeed.

We examine all of the possible alternatives, including the market supply and demand and analyzing the underlying zoning. Once we have determined what the market will bear, we can create a customized business plan that includes unit type and count, building amenities, income projections, debt and equity financing alternatives, actions steps and a timeline.

What sets LDS apart is our unique perspective on all types of housing, which results from our substantial experience in working with developers, investors and operators.