LDS Services

Founded in 2000, LDS Consulting Group, LLC is a full-service real estate advistory firm with a proven track record in providing development and planning services for public and private agencies.  LDS services bridge the gap between planning and financing to resolve complex development issues for both public and private sector clients.  LDS has researched and written market supply and demand analyses for thousands of housing units in New England. Our work has focused on specific sites as well as entire communities and regions.  LDS analyzes market-rate and affordable options, rental and homeownership options, and multi-family and seniors housing options.

We also work on mixed-use developments that incorporate medical office, retail, day care and other uses.  What sets LDS apart is its unique perspective on all types of housing and financing, which results from its substantial experience in working with municipalities, developers, investors and operators.  Our firm prides itself on creating studies and plans that can be –and are — implemented.  This is because we are both thorough in our research and realistic in the goals we recommend.

Areas of Specialty: